CHANMAG Supports You to Start a Successful Bakery

CHANMAG Supports You to Start a Successful Bakery

CHANMAG customizes and tailors specific bakery with respect to planning and designing to meet the demand of each customer. Depending on the local culture, taste, and market, CHANMAG will assist in the selection of your baking items, and production capacity. We manufacture varieties of baking equipment from large to small, and will recommend only the suitable machines to run your bakery smoothly. Consider CHANMAG to be your valuable partner for a prosperous business.

CHANMAG be tailored to your belong of your bakery!

  • Bakery Business Planning
  • Baking Solution Service
  • Improving Baking Skill (Baking Consulting, Bread/Cake/Pastry Teaching Skill)
  • Share Global Successful Projects

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  • 麵包店經營規劃
  • 烘焙方案服務
  • 提升烘焙技能 (烘焙諮詢,麵包/蛋糕/糕點之技術教學)
  • 分享全球成功案例

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