Electric Deck Oven

Model No.
CM-ECD306A (CHANMAG Bakery Machine)
Made in
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    Electric Deck Oven to meet baking performance is very even on the surface.


    • Capacity:3 Decks / 6 Trays
    • Power:18 KW
    • Size:140 × 100 × 168 cm
    • Tray Size:46 x 72 cm

    Key Features

    CHANMAG CM-ECD102A,103A,104A, CM-ECD204A,206A,208A, CM-ECD306A, 309A,312A, CM-ECD306AS Electric Deck Oven with electronic thermo-controller, high precision, to enable temperature of oven chamber can keep the correct temperature, easy to handle, available with program mode, and to meet baking performance.

    More info link: Electric deck Oven

    Payment Details

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