Twin Twist Mixer (Chanmag Bakery Machine)

Model No.
CM-MT160 Twin Twist Mixer
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    Twin twist mixer saving mixing time than same capacity Spiral Mixer


    • Bowl Diameter:850 mm
    • Bowl Motor:1.1 KW
    • Dough Capacity:160 KG
    • Electric Power:3PH, 50/60Hz
    • Spiral Hook Motor:15 KW

    Key Features

    CM-MT160 Twin twist mixer is design with removable bowl is suitable for dough processing; There are two stages kneading speed and two operation mode which are automatic and manual, additionally, there is auto-timer device for user’s adjusting. 

    More info link: http://chanmag.com.tw/archives/portfolio-items/twin-twist-mixers

    Payment Details

    • Payment Terms:TT
    • Minimum Order:1 Piece(s)


    • Twin Twist Mixer with removeable

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